NetMan Desktop Manager — A comparison

Comparison of products: Windows Server 2019/-16/-12 (R2) with and without NetMan Desktop Manager.

Management WS 2019/-16/-12 (R2) WS 2019/-16/-12 (R2) + NDM
with user and policy profiles
Published content
Windows application on Linux
Windows application on macOS
Session-based load balancing
Server farm-based load balancing
CPU-based load balancing
Memory-based load balancing
Built-in failover/high availability solutions
Server weighting for load balancing
Maximized availability in load balancing
Microsoft-cluster ready
Session sharing
Universal PDF printer driver
Dynamic Internet filter
Support for Windows Clients
Vista, 7
1 1
Support for Mac and Linux Clients
Support for thin clients
via MS RDP
2 2
Support for anonymous users
Access control for anonymous users
Time-dependent access control
Policies based on users/user groups
Policies based on stations/station groups
User environment management
Configuration of applications at run-time
Integrated CD/DVD support (Virtual CD)
Licensing model per device, per user per device, per user
Supported protocol RDP 7, 8, 8.1, 10 RDP 7, 8, 8.1, 10, HTML 5
Static printer bandwidth management
Dynamic printer bandwidth management

1 Windows 2000 or later, Webfrontend Windows 98 or later.
2 Extensive support for many thin client manufacturers and operating systems.

Usability WS 2019/-16/-12 (R2)) WS 2019/-16/-12 (R2) + NDM
Seamless Windows
Integration of application in the desktop/Start menu
Start menu entries based on stations rights
Content on the user desktop
Desktop icons based on station rights
Desktop icons based on user rights
Web frontend (Browser as launch pad)
only Windows

Windows, Linux, macOS
Pass-through authentification (single sign-on)
Dynamic content redirection
Reverse content redirection
Advanced multi monitor support
HTML5 Client
Security WS 2019/-16/-12 (R2) WS 2019/-16/-12 (R2) + NDM
SSL-encryption (web frontend)
Two-factor authentication
Access control for client drives
Access control for terminal server
Flexible application control on the end-user terminal
Internet-filter, server-side
Internet-filter, client-side
Web frontend WS 2019/-16/-12 (R2) WS 2019/-16/-12 (R2) + NDM
Support for Windows 7, 8, 10 (current patch status)
Support for Windows Vista, 7
Support for Linux, macOS, etc. 3 3
Proxy support
Compatibility with Edge, IE11
Compatibility with Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc.

3 Requires HTML5 Client

Monitoring & Reporting WS 2019/-16/-12 (R2) WS 2019/-16/-12 (R2) + NDM
Application license management, server-side
Application license management, client-side
Application license queue
Applikation timeout
Application license monitoring, with reporting
Server monitor (real time)
Station monitor (real time)
Diagnostics monitor (real time)
Helpdesk (Remote start, session mirroring, diagnostics, tracing)
Configurable server event logging
Detailed usage statistics
Logging of blocked processes