What's new in the current NDM version

The current version of NetMan Desktop Manager offers a variety of new and exciting features.

Improved user interface

NDM5 has a completely new user interface. On the one hand, the new interface ensures easy, targeted and stringent operability, but on the other hand it also intuitively opens up the sometimes complex functionalities of the system.

Increased performance

NetMan Desktop Manager 5 convinces with a significantly improved speed. By switching to a high-performance NoSQL database, the reaction speed of the administration interface as well as the session - and application start have been noticeably accelerated.

Access via Android - and iOS devices

The free RDP client ensures that provided desktops can also be accessed via Android and iOS devices.

Per user or device licensing

NDM licensing can be done either per user or per device. The license keys and prices are identical. The licensing variant is selected during installation or in the management interface.

Providing virtualized applications

NDM5 significantly simplifies the provision of compatibility-critical applications on the terminal server. Applications that could previously only be installed locally for compatibility reasons can now be deployed as virtualized applications using NDM5. App-V sequenced applications are seamlessly integrated into the NDM5 desktop, so that the use of the corresponding software packages is completely transparent for the user. Packets are sequenced independently of NDM in the familiar App-V environment.

Content Redirect incl. Reverse Content Redirect

The management of content redirect configuration, i.e. the assignment of file extensions to server-based applications, has been significantly simplified in NDM5. In addition, NetMan Desktop Manager offers the possibility of reverse content redirect. This allows you to use file contents and URLs locally from a session. For example, clicking on an http link within a session ensures that the corresponding Web page is called up in the local browser of the PC or thin client, which reduces the server load.

User Environment Management

NDM5 has a very flexibly controllable set of rules with that users, user groups and stations can be set in relation to the assigned applications, rights and drives. In combination with variables such as access location, device, etc., this system enables secure and individual user environment management.


NDM5 allows the use of distributed server farms including the definition of fallback mechanisms. Thus, for example, For branch offices, set up local server farms that can provide their jobs with applications in the event of a server failure in another branch office until the failure is resolved. Of course, a separate load balancing is possible within each farm.

Improved high availability/failure safety

To ensure high availability even without a complex cluster installation, NetMan Desktop Manager offers the option of a secondary installation. In addition to the primary installation, you can install additional "secondary servers" whose database contains an up-to-date mirror of the primary installation. If the primary server fails due to hardware failure or the like, the secondary server takes over the tasks of the NDM server in real time. The existing sessions continue uninterrupted. To allow maximum resilience for critical environments, multiple secondary installations can be made. These are placed in a replication ring that governs the takeover order in the event of a failure.

Server Migration Wizard

To facilitate the migration of a test system to a more authoritative environment, NDM5 provides an intuitive wizard. With a few mouse clicks and inputs, a demo environment can be converted into a production system without the need for complex intervention in the installation.

Statistics data accessible via browser

NDM5 has a significantly improved statistics function, with which the edited values can also be called up on a web-based basis, thus providing a quick overview of the current situation. The individual statistical views are flexibly adaptable to the respective needs.

Extended logging and monitoring functions

In the field of logging and monitoring, various views have been newly introduced or extended. This allows application and Internet access to be tracked down to the station or user level. This applies to both client-based and server-based accesses or applications. This greatly facilitates the introduction and enforcement of corporate policies and enables a sound determination of compliance violations.

Integrated license management

NDM offers in its new version a full license management. So far, only the licenses of server-side installed software packages could be monitored, the new license management also captures locally installed applications and application packages. Comprehensive statistical functions enable complete evaluation of the license usage and the real license requirement, which make an economic licensing policy possible in the first place.

Control of the local workplace

NetMan Desktop Manager Version 5 provides comprehensive process control for Windows clients. This can be configured so that e.g. only administrator-enabled applications can run on the client. This effectively prevents the execution of malware or potentially dangerous scripts and prevents the installation or launch of unlicensed and unwanted software.

Time-dependent access control

In addition to the well-known access rights control depending on user, group, station, access type, etc., NDM5 can also be used to define time-controlled approvals for applications and resources.