SaaS/IaaS Operation with NetMan Desktop Manager

The versatility of NetMan Desktop Manager makes it suitable for use in software as a service (SaaS) or in infrastructure as a service (IaaS) models.

There are two forms of implementation.

Graphic: Software as a Service version 1

Scenario 1 | One installation for several customers

NetMan Desktop Manager allows you to manage separate software portfolios, which can be allocated to different clients. This means you can use NetMan Desktop Manager out of the box as the basis for SaaS.

In such a scenario, each customer can be served with a custom software portfolio through a separate NDM desktop. In that desktop, access privileges are configurable to suit the customer's organizational structure, so that each employee can use exactly those applications he or she requires.

Graphic: Software as a Service version 2

Scenario 2 | Operation in a private cloud

In this variant, a separate NDM installation is set up for each customer.

This lets you implement a strict separation of the individual customers, which may be preferred by some or all of your customers, for example, to maintain compliance with their in-house guidelines.

Data processing center or cloud?

You can use NDM to serve your applications either from a classic data processing center or from the cloud. NetMan Desktop Manager supports virtually all of the leading cloud computing providers. We would be happy to assist you in selecting the method that best meets your requirements.

Integrated usage statistics

NetMan Desktop Manager incorporates extensive statistics functions to provide clear and comprehensive information about each customer's use of the software portfolio. The usage data gathered during operation can be exported for invoicing purposes.

Extensive features

With its integrated load balancing, high scalability and excellent value for money, NetMan Desktop Manager is an ideal platform for professional application service providing, or SaaS. In addition to its technical performance, NetMan Desktop Manager's

Attractive pricing

NetMan Desktop Manager offers an attractive and flexible pricing model for use of the software suite in SaaS operation. Contact us any time for more information, including details on our terms and conditions.