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Current HAN 5 Kernel

Changes in the recent HAN Kernel

HAN Kernel

  • The HAN Kernel supports the option to tranfer values to an e-script

Please note: 

The recent HAN Kernel can only be loaded from the local HAN installation. The download link is shown in the page 'Version Information'.

For accessing the page "Version Information" you need to login with an administrative HAN user account.


The following steps are necessary to replace the HAN kernel on the HAN server:

  1. Load the current kernel from the information page.
  2. Go to the directory...\HHH\HAN\Bin\System\web\bin and rename the current HAN kernel (mod_han64.dll).
  3. Copy the new HAN kernel into the same directory.
  4. Open the HAN system settings.
  5. Restart the HAN Webservice.

Article #3613 | 09/29/20 | Markus Libiseller